Thursday, February 18, 2010

The first MEMS micro comb-drive actuator experiment in Thailand.

Winai  Wanburee, a graduate student at the Suranaree University of Technology (Ph.D. program in Electrical Engineering), had achieved the first high-aspect-ratio micro comb-drive actuator experiment in Thailand on Tuesday January 19th, 2010.

This electrostatically driven micro comb-drive actuator had a suspended rotor comb with 19 fingers each of which was 30 microns in width. The stator comb with same dimensions was anchored to the substrate. The main structures of both rotor and stator combs were made of 300 micron-high SU-8 polymer followed by metal coating by sputtering technique. The patterning of this actuator was done by synchrotron x-ray lithography at micromachining lab, the Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand.

In driving experiment, DC pulses of 1 Hz with various amplitudes were fed into the rotor comb while the stator comb was grounded. This experiment showed an important milestone for MEMS community in Thailand. Better versions of micro comb-drive actuators are under fabrication. More updates will be published in this blog in near future.

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Key words: Electrostatic Micro Comb-Drive Actuator, MEMS, LIGA, Synchrotron, X-Ray Lithography, SUT MEMS, SUT Electrical Engineering, SLRI

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