Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The first MEMS micro motor experiment in Thailand.

Pittaya  Deekla, a graduate student at the Suranaree University of Technology (Master of Electrical Engineering program), had achieved the first MEMS micro motor experiment in Thailand on Saturday night November 7th, 2009. This electrostatic micro motor had an eight-pole rotor of 0.88 millimeters in diameter and twelve stator poles. The rotor and stators were approximately 0.3 millimeters high. Fabrication of this micro motor was doned by synchrotron x-ray lithography (LIGA) technique at micromachining lab, the Synchrotron Light Research Institute, Thailand.
         In this experiment, The rotor was grounded and each of six opposite pole-pair of the stator were biased sequentially with 600 VDC 2 Hz pulses. A few turns of rotation had happened and recorded as shown in the video below. Complete controls of the micro motor rotation are underway. More updates will be published in this blog in near future.

For more information please contact Dr.Nimit Chomnawang
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Key words:
Electrostatic Micro Motor, MEMS, LIGA, Synchrotron, X-Ray Lithography, SUT MEMS, SUT Electrical Engineering, SLRI

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